The best 20 how to move viber black on cell screen

The best 20 how to move viber black on cell screen

Here are the top best How to move viber black on cell screen voted by readers and compiled and edited by our team, let’s find out

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7 The phone screen turns on or off unexpectedly during a call

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  • Summary: The screen does not turn off when the phone is held close to the user’s face. Solution: Check whether your phone enters Sleep mode during calls. If it does, the 

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  • Summary: · Viber has a light design with purple tones by default, but you can change that! The app lets you choose between Classic, Dark Blue, and Black 

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  • Summary: · Instructions to fix Viber black screen error … Step 1: First you need to completely exit Viber on your computer. Then right-click the screen to 

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