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1 How to use Viber on a tablet – Tech Advisor

2 How to use Viber simultanously on two phones but same account

3 Windows 7 – Viber chat run multiple instances – Super User

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  • Published: 01/25/2022
  • Review: 4.44 (554 vote)
  • Summary: 5 Answers 5 · Create “NEW” windows account · Download vibersetup.exe · Run vibersetup.exe as “NEW” account · Start new installed viber as “NEW” 

4 How to use Viber account on two devices

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  • Published: 01/09/2022
  • Review: 4.3 (265 vote)
  • Summary: First, we need to register Viber on the smartphone or tablet. Install the app from the Google Play Store and follow the instructions that you see on the phone 

5 [Q] viber on two different phones – XDA Forums

6 Can I make a Viber account without a phone number? –

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  • Published: 05/07/2022
  • Review: 3.89 (215 vote)
  • Summary: · How do I activate Viber on two phones? … Your Viber ID is your phone number – just as you can only have one phone number per device, you can 

7 How to use two accounts of WhatsApp or Viber on the iPhone

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  • Published: 04/17/2022
  • Review: 3.79 (291 vote)
  • Summary: Popular mobile messengers do not involve the use of devices on multiple accounts. Accounts in WhatsApp, Telegran, Viber and other applications are tied to a 

8 How To Bypass Viber Phone Number Verification [Explained]

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  • Published: 03/24/2022
  • Review: 3.57 (291 vote)
  • Summary: Once you have an account set up, you can use the same Viber account on multiple devices. However, you can only sign up from a smartphone and if you provide 

9 WhatsApp Business Multiple Users: A How To Guide [July 2022]

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  • Published: 03/22/2022
  • Review: 3.35 (313 vote)
  • Summary: · Want to use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices? … While WhatsApp Business App is free and easy to set up, WhatsApp actually designed 

10 How can I change my Viber account on PC? – How To’s Guru

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  • Published: 06/26/2022
  • Review: 3.18 (295 vote)
  • Summary: On your Mac, search for and download Viber. Open the Control panel on … Viber from your list of installed programs. … Can I open my Viber on two phones?

11 How to See What Devices Are Connected to Your Viber Account

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  • Published: 02/13/2022
  • Review: 2.84 (86 vote)
  • Summary: Now be careful, you Viber account can be used by anyone like your friends or relatives on any other device and they can easily get access to your Exchange, 

12 Can I use Viber on a tablet?

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  • Published: 11/30/2021
  • Review: 2.87 (151 vote)
  • Summary: · How can I use two Viber account in one phone? · Step 1: Install Clone App on your Android. If you don’t have Clone App installed on your phone, 

13 Set Up Viber on Your Tablet or iPad – Viber Support Knowledge Base

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  • Published: 05/01/2022
  • Review: 2.63 (69 vote)
  • Summary: Set up your tablet as a secondary device

14 How do I use Viber on my Android phone? – Techtrix

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  • Published: 11/24/2021
  • Review: 2.56 (135 vote)
  • Summary: · You can only have Viber on one primary device. Phones can never be a secondary device. If you want to use Viber on more than one phone, you will 

15 How to Use WhatsApp on Two Devices at the Same Time

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  • Published: 06/10/2022
  • Review: 2.55 (155 vote)
  • Summary: · Installing and Using WhatsApp on Two Devices at the Same Time · Access the “Linked Devices” on your device, and then click on “WhatsApp Web” or “ 

16 How to Use Two Viber Accounts in One Phone: Free Solutions [2022]

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  • Published: 08/15/2021
  • Review: 2.35 (135 vote)
  • Summary: Step 1: Download Parallel Space on your Android · Step 2: Create dual space for Viber · Step 3: Access two Viber apps

17 How to Use Two Viber Accounts on Android and iOS Devices?

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  • Published: 04/23/2022
  • Review: 2.21 (156 vote)
  • Summary: · No, you cannot use one Viber account on two different devices. When you try to log in to Viber from a different device with the same registered 

18 How To: Install Viber On a Tablet Device

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  • Published: 12/20/2021
  • Review: 2.21 (135 vote)
  • Summary: Viber originally had issues when used in Wifi tablet devices – for whatever reason, users can’t simply register on Viber using a different mobile phone then 

19 Does Viber work simultaneously on two devices? How to duplicate a

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  • Published: 05/28/2022
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  • Summary: In order to synchronize Viber messages with a computer, we must download the application to the latter. Since only desktop versions are installed on PCs, 

20 How to activate Dual Messenger feature on Samsung Mobile?

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  • Published: 01/17/2022
  • Review: 2.01 (184 vote)
  • Summary: With Dual Messenger, you can use two separate accounts for the same messenger App. … 6 Tap on Install and the second App will appear on the Home screen

21 How can I delete my Viber account from another phone?

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  • Published: 08/29/2021
  • Review: 1.81 (124 vote)
  • Summary: Yes, Viber can be activated on two phones. To do so, first make sure that both devices are connected to the internet. Then open the Viber app on each phone 

22 How to register Viber two accounts without number phone? – Sms-man

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  • Published: 09/08/2021
  • Review: 1.77 (75 vote)
  • Summary: · The optimum variant to get multiple accounts Viber is to buy a virtual number for registration on Viber. On Sms-man, such a service will cost 

23 Q: installing viber in two iphones using same apple id!

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  • Published: 01/14/2022
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  • Summary: i installed viber using same apple id for the 1st time. now the problem … one can access viber at a time though both iphone uses different 

24 Use two Viber accounts on same Android phone – Gadgets Academy

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  • Published: 08/27/2021
  • Review: 1.56 (53 vote)
  • Summary: Transfer the downloaded apk to your Android device. · Open the default File Manager or install ES File Explorer and open it. · Navigate to 2lines for Viber. · Open